Roberto Huertas

A Barcelona-based web & mobile developer wandering through cyberspace.
Organizer of bcn_rust. Currently working at Koa Health.

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AWS Lambda Functions written in Rust

AWS Lambda has recently announced the Runtime APIs and has open sourced a runtime for the Rust language that will allow us to use Rust to write our AWS Lambda...

Microserver: local http server with SPA support

The other day, while developing an Angular application I needed to serve the AoT compiled version of the app and I used the http-server npm package. To my surprise, it...

Create your first WebAssembly npm package

If you’re curious about WebAssembly probably you’ve heard of Rust and wasm-bingen.

Never miss an error in Ionic

You may know that Angular provides a hook for centralized exception handling that you may override. The default implementation prints error messages to the console.

InfiniteScroll UI Documentation

A few years ago I wrote a Unity3d app for musicians called Monk and, in the process, I also published a script in the Unity3d Asset Store to help others...