Roberto Huertas

Just a humble software developer wandering through cyberspace.
Organizer of bcn_rust. Currently working at Datadog.

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Send the logs of your Shuttle-powered backend to Datadog

Learn how to send logs to Datadog from your Shuttle powered backend.

Build and deploy a Rust backend with Shuttle

Learn how to build and deploy a Rust backend with Shuttle.

Preview your VSCode extension in the marketplace

Learn how to use the Marketplace Preview extension to see how your extension’s manifest will look like in the Visual Studio Marketplace

Open sourcing Licensebat

Learn why I decided to open source Licensebat, the software that easily helps you manage the licenses of your project’s dependencies.

Cognito Authentication for your SvelteKit app

Manage your users in your SvelteKit app with AWS Cognito.

Deploy an IPv6 Azure VM while setting up a Nym node

Learn how to deploy an Azure VM with IPv6 support while setting up a Nym node.

Aprende Rust en español

Aprende Rust en español y a tu ritmo con estos vídeos de YouTube.

Sync your Figma assets with your dev environment

Learn how to use Figma Asset Downloader CLI to work with Figma like a boss!

Wallpapers for the Rust of us

Before Barcelona’s RustFest edition, I created some wallpapers for the occasion. It’s time to share them with the community.