Roberto Huertas

A Barcelona-based web & mobile developer wandering through cyberspace.
Organizer of bcn_rust. Currently working at Koa Health.

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Cognito Authentication for your SvelteKit app

Manage your users in your SvelteKit app with AWS Cognito.

Deploy an IPv6 Azure VM while setting up a Nym node

Learn how to deploy an Azure VM with IPv6 support while setting up a Nym node.

Aprende Rust en español

Aprende Rust en español y a tu ritmo con estos vídeos de YouTube.

Sync your Figma assets with your dev environment

Learn how to use Figma Asset Downloader CLI to work with Figma like a boss!

Wallpapers for the Rust of us

Before Barcelona’s RustFest edition, I created some wallpapers for the occasion. It’s time to share them with the community.

Rust once and share it with Android, iOS and Flutter

What if I told you that you could use the same very performant code in Android, iOS or even in Flutter. In this article, we’ll see how to achieve this...

Building an Android service that never stops running

I’ve been struggling these days trying to find a way to run an endless service in Android. This is just a guide for all of you who pursue the same...

Rust powered CLI apk decompiler

Lately I’ve been needing to reverse engineer some apks and I’ve been manually using some third-party tools to do so. But, how could we speed up the process? A little...

Generic BLoC Provider

If you’re using the BLoc pattern to manage the state of your Flutter applications probably you’re tired of writing again and again your BLoc providers. I’ve just published a simple...