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Microserver: local http server with SPA support

Microserver: local http server with SPA support

The other day, while developing an Angular application I needed to serve the AoT compiled version of the app and I used the http-server npm package. To my surprise, it didn’t offer support for SPAs (Single Page Applications).

That’s when I decided I could use some Rust and build a tool emulating what the http-server npm package does.

Warp to the rescue

The first thing I had to do was to decide which web server framework I would use as a base and I chose Warp because of its friendly API and its amazing and incredible performance.

Then it was just a matter of putting together a few lines of Rust and make it work! :grin:

Publishing microserver

Once everything was in place I was ready to publish my first crate ever! :rocket:

I have to say that the experience of publishing a crate is even easier than publishing an npm package. And after a few commands, microserver was ready to be consumed by anyone! :blush:

How to use it

The usage of the crate is really simple so if you want to know more just browse to or the project’s Github repo.