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Open sourcing Licensebat

Learn why I decided to open source Licensebat, the software that easily helps you manage the licenses of your project’s dependencies.

Aprende Rust en español

Aprende Rust en español y a tu ritmo con estos vídeos de YouTube.

Sync your Figma assets with your dev environment

Learn how to use Figma Asset Downloader CLI to work with Figma like a boss!

Wallpapers for the Rust of us

Before Barcelona’s RustFest edition, I created some wallpapers for the occasion. It’s time to share them with the community.

Rust once and share it with Android, iOS and Flutter

What if I told you that you could use the same very performant code in Android, iOS or even in Flutter. In this article, we’ll see how to achieve this...

Rust powered CLI apk decompiler

Lately I’ve been needing to reverse engineer some apks and I’ve been manually using some third-party tools to do so. But, how could we speed up the process? A little...

Azure Functions written in Rust

A few days ago, we discussed how to write AWS Lambdas in Rust. Today, we’re going to learn how to create and deploy an Azure Function using Rust and the...

AWS Lambda Functions written in Rust

AWS Lambda has recently announced the Runtime APIs and has open sourced a runtime for the Rust language that will allow us to use Rust to write our AWS Lambda...

Microserver: local http server with SPA support

The other day, while developing an Angular application I needed to serve the AoT compiled version of the app and I used the http-server npm package. To my surprise, it...

Create your first WebAssembly npm package

If you’re curious about WebAssembly probably you’ve heard of Rust and wasm-bingen.